Details on Proposed Conversion of AAVC to AAVC, Inc.

As has been talked about during recent club meetings, the AAVC officers have talked for a few years about making AAVC a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation. In 2013 they got the ball rolling! So members and non-members alike have the details, below are some links explaining the process.

The change is intended to better serve the members, provide better liability protections, and provide a tax advantage, but otherwise look and operate like AAVC does now. The executive summary gives a good overview of why officers are interested in making this change for the club, what will change, what won't, and other basics. In short, the current club is a non-incorporated association of its members, and the proposed change would have this association simply merge into Ann Arbor Velo Club, Inc., the non-profit corporation.

For more details about the process you can read the complete Plan of Merger, the Articles of Incorporation of Ann Arbor Velo Club, Inc., as well as the entire By-Laws of Ann Arbor Velo Club, Inc.

The proposed conversion will go to a vote of the membership shortly. For current members, we hope you'll support this effort.