Annual AAVC Rider Awards and Election Results

At our annual AAVC party on Monday nearly 30 people enjoyed food and drinks thanks to our host Jolly Pumpkin. In addition to a brief "State of the Club" and 2014 updates, we handed out Rider of the Year awards. Riders were selected for their performances in 2013 as well as their contributions to the club. Individuals receiving awards included:

Juniors: Colin Boulard
Cat. 5: Matt Johnson
Cat. 4: Danny Soltan
Cat. 1/2/3: Colin Hebert
Masters: Lucas Wall
DIRTHAMMER (Cyclocross): Tom Barrett

With some great performances and contributions from many members this year there were also a lot of honorable mentions, including: Chris Winkler, Craig North, William Haig, Rob Shoemaker, Jason Miller, Tyler Carlton, and Kevin Juntunen. A big round of applause was also offered to the club officers/board who have made some great efforts in directing the club and its activities this past year: David Palan, Ray Barbehenn, Joe Miessner, Dan Hoffman, and Sean Geary.

Results of the annual election were also announced, with each of the club officers being re-elected, and both of the ballot questions passing, allowing for the club to complete its transition to a non-profit organization in 2014.