2015 AAVC officers

Thanks to the many AAVC members that voted online in the past week for the 2015 AAVC officers! We had the best "voter turnout" rate, largest number of candidates running for positions, and more than twice that number of nominees, showing once again that the club is the most active it's been in nearly a decade (maybe more)! It also attests to increasing involvement and contributions from a whole lot of people throughout the year with the club who love being involved, but chose not to seek officer duties, too.

Without further ado, the people taking on AAVC officer roles for 2015 are:

President: Harvey Elliott
Exec. VP: Ray Barbehenn
Treasurer: Joe Miessner
Secretary: Markus Nee
VP for Sponsorship: Al McWilliams

Thanks again to all who voted, have served and/or will serve as club officers, and the many others who contribute to club races, rides, fun, conversation, sponsorship, coaching, banter, setting tempo, sitting on, sharing wisdom, and otherwise being a part of AAVC!