Building and "testing" the new ArborBikes

ArborBike put out a call for help to build 75 bikes for the new bike-share program in Ann Arbor. AAVC and Wheels in Motion responded in August with a 10-man team, including a professional mechanic, a bike repair course instructor, and many repair-it-yourself bike racers.

Over the course of the afternoon, the Club team completed 17 of the 44 bikes that were constructed that day. Unknown to our team at the outset, these bikes were specially designed by Trek to be indestructable to the public, and capable of carrying a sizeable load in a front basket. The front basket construction would haunt the memories of many on the team. Numerous security Torx screws required a special tool to install, and this front end assembly was unlike anything ever engineered for a bike.

Some of the final products were road tested by the Club, which inevitably turned into a parking lot criterium. Our winner, Matt Raezler, edged out Patrick McEnaney at the line.