Huron River Drive repairs continue

A few notes below from the Washtenaw County Road Commission prove updates about work on Huron River Drive. If you're out enjoying the great November weather forecasted in the next few days, you might want avoid the road work. If the weather holds much longer, though, you'll soon be able to enjoy some great improvements!

The road work along Huron River Drive between Zeeb Road and Tubbs Road is progressing nicely. This past week specific trees were removed, the bank stabilization work just west of East Delhi Road was completed, a cross-road culvert in the same area was replaced, many of the cross-road culverts were extended in preparation for the shoulder widening and all of the culverts were cleaned out to improve drainage.

Today, the road surface was milled up in two areas. The first area is from the easterly entrance of Loch Alpine to east of Boyden Creek. The second area is east of East/North Delhi Road to Tubbs Road. The purpose of the milling is to remove bad material prior to paving and it was necessary to perform this work prior to the shoulder widening. Currently, the shoulder widening work is scheduled for Monday and Tuesday and the final paving is scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday of next week. All work, of course, is weather dependent. In the meantime, traffic will be maintained on the milled surface. The milled surface is uneven and will support vehicle traffic but may be difficult for cyclists using Huron River Drive. Unfortunately, with the limited number of construction days remaining this season, it was necessary to take advantage of good weather days and schedule this work accordingly.