The Return of Cyclocross

It's that time of year again. Time to dust of the cross bike and head to some dirt, gravel, sand and grass. The calender has been updated to reflect the change of gears.

6pm Tuesday - Dirt Hammer
Check out the calender for ride details and a course map. This is the favorite ride of the year for many of us. Dirt and gravel roads, riding as fast as you can. If you haven't done the ride before be sure to print out the map and bring it with you. Map: The ride is fast and people get dropped (like I did last week). A bit of a warmup beforehand is recommended as the pace picks up almost immediately. A challenging ride but it will definitely make you faster.

6pm Thursday - Cross Practice
CX practice is underway Thursday evenings, 6pm at Leslie Park off Dhu Varren. We'll let you know if there is a change of venue.

Leslie's kind of hidden back there behind a subdivision off DhuVarren. Turn on Leslie Park Circle and keep following it back to the park.

We want good relationships with all our neighbors, so please drive safely and slowly through the residential area. Also, please be respectful of other users in the park. Crazy bikers are a bit intimidating.

We'll have barriers to leap over and informal course layouts for high intensity accelerations and anaerobic flagellation. It's a good opportunity to fine tune your skills. The season is upon us. Time to stumble over them barriers.

Dirt Road Washtenaw
AAVC's own Rob Pulcipher has a new book detailing the dirt roads of Washtenaw county. It should be arriving in a few weeks. I for one am really looking forward to finding some new roads to explore this fall/winter. Check it out: