AAVC standings in Michigan Challenge Race Series

The AAVC has been doing a good job of keeping riders and its teams in the mix of the Michigan Challenge Race Series this year.

As has been the case all season long, the Cat. 4 riders are keeping AAVC at the top of the team rankings. Doug Jacobsen, Tim Schutt, Colin Hebert, Dave Vannette, Richard Rainville, Dale Holsombeck, Bob Shank, and Dan Simundza have all scored points for the team.

The women are also leading the Cat. 3 team competition. Kristi Hewitt, Laura Johnson, Grace Singleton, and Emily Flynn are all sitting in the top ten for the division. With Laura moving up to Cat. 2 , it will be up to others to hold the lead.

Larry Bohnsack and John Shedlock have been powering AAVC at the top of the 55+ rankings all season long and don't look like they'll relinquish the lead any time soon.

The Cat. 4 women are holding onto 4th, and the 35+ men of the Two Wheel Tango/Morgan & York are sitting in 5th in their respective divisions.

Javier Samayoa and Drew (Brian) Anderson are keeping AAVC in the middle of the Cat. 3 and Cat. 1/2 rankings, respectively.

The juniors have been pulling double-duty this season, contributing both to their junior age categories and to their senior categories.

Check out the full team standings and individual point standings on the MBRA website.

Good work to all so far this season. With just four races left in the series (State Criterium Championship, Cherry-Roubaix Criterium and Road Race, and the DeBaets-Devos Criterium), it looks like AAVC is going to wrap up the season in great shape!