We mainly focus on coached practices and workouts, but also do sessions working on learning bike handling and bike maintenance clinics.

We are coached by Kurt Schaldenbrand, http://www.coachkurt.com/, and also have practices led by our most experienced Cat3 racers.

Coached practices occur at 6pm on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday evenings from spring to fall, and focus on:

  • group riding/paceline skills

  • sprinting

  • criterium/race skills and team tactics

  • interval workouts

  • weekend long rides

Every week has at least one workout (usually our Monday night recovery ride) that is no-drop and casual pace. Perfect for trying a ride and getting to know the team!

Skills we teach:

  • bike handling- how to ride in a group safely, corner, safely handle incidental contact with another cyclist, emergency brake

  • basic bike maintenance- changing a flat tire, cleaning your drivechain

We also have group teaching sessions drawing on knowledge of the team members (nutrition, physical therapy, exercise physiology)

In the fall we focus more on cyclocross skills: riding over mixed surfaces, mounting/dismounting, carrying the bike, riding through sand, riding off camber, and running over barriers.

To become faster you have to ride faster. This is your chance to ride faster!!
— Coach Kurt