Who we are:

We are a diverse group of cyclists: many of us joined the club in 2018 with no road cycling or racing experience. We had riders who came from triathlon, former runners who picked up a bike to cross-train, and former commute only riders.

Many of us had an initial rough introduction to cycling- a group ride that was much faster than advertised, a no-drop ride we got dropped from, a flat tire we didn’t know how to change, or a tight paceline we were not taught how to ride with.

We want our new members to avoid this sometimes rough introduction to cycling! We offer rides for cyclists off all speeds and when we say no-drop we really mean it!

“The best thing about this team was having different people with different stregnths, to make everyone better as a group. There was always someone to push you and always someone to cheer you on!” - Alison

Looking back over this summer and at all of our group rides and practices, and at all the things I learned and races I tried, makes me so grateful for these women. There is no way I would have had the guts to do it without them. Showing up to a race, and doing poorly is no fun, but showing up to a race, making improvements, and getting cheered on by your teammates is amazing and encouraging and a total blast.” - Lauren

What did I improve on this summer? Increased suffer level :) Less whining, more power.” - Christina

What’s different this year compared to other years of cycling? Instead of showing up at a gravel race and just cruising along, now I have the fitness and strategy to be aggressive about keeping up with the lead pack and trying to win!” - Kari

“This group gave me the chance to grow as a cyclist and athlete. It provided opportunities I otherwise would not have had and the motivation of great women to keep me riding each day. The support, encouragement and friendships built with teammates at practices and races was by far my favorite part of the summer.” -Chrissy