The Ann Arbor Velo Club provides its members with an environment that is emotionally and physically safe. Our members deserve to participate in cycling free from bullying, harassment, hazing, physical abuse, emotional abuse, and sexual misconduct and abuse. The Club’s Board members, coaches, and ride leaders shall all be current with their SafeSport training and use the practices that the SafeSport framework provides.

We strive to protect all members, but especially those most vulnerable. Our junior racers are the most vulnerable members and how the Club protects the juniors deserves special attention.

We do not support any abusive behaviors from coaches, ride leaders, other officers, race officials, parents, or other adults. We do not condone bullying behavior from other juniors, other riders, or other children. Anytime we know about or suspect child abuse of any type, we will report it as prescribed by SafeSport.

In addition, the following is of note, but does not exclusively describe the way we behave:

  1. We will have no direct personal contact with juniors. No Facebook friends, no 1:1 texts, no pictures. All communications will include the parents and will be about our team's cycling activities only.

  2. We will have limited 1:1 time with juniors.

    1. For rideshares or road trips, if a junior who is not related to us will be in the car or in the room with one adult, then that must be approved by at least two other AAVC officers.

    2. When juniors are treated or examined by us or by others because of a crash or other injury, two adults will always be present, except in emergency situations.

  3. We will never suggest that we help a child with individual coaching (endurance, skills, or other subjects). Parents and juniors can always ask and we will be glad to help. We just will not be the ones to bring it up.

  4. We will not intimidate, shame, exclude, or punish juniors. It’s our Club’s mission to include everyone. We act accordingly on our rides, during our practice, and at the races.

  5. We will not give any of our juniors preferential treatment that is outside of what is considered normal coaching. A sticker given out in front of the group for answering a pop quiz is all right. A “You’re the Best” card given in private is not all right.

  6. We will not allow juniors, parents, coaches, or anyone else to intimidate, shame, exclude, or otherwise treat each other in abusive ways.

  7. On the rides and practices that we lead, as well as the races we attend, we will tell the juniors how to eat and drink appropriately.

All parents are encouraged to become familiar with the SafeSport framework. There is a SafeSport Parent Toolkit available HERE.

Parents should feel free to question the Club’s coaches and ride leaders on their background and expectations. To meet that need in advance, there is now a page on the AAVC Website where the coaches introduce themselves. You’ll find it HERE.