Racing on the road - Road races and Criteriums

  • Many women raced their first Critererium (a short, intense race of many laps of a closed course) in 2018. We focused on learning how to work together at speed, position ourselves in a pack, sprint for the finish, and ride safely at high speeds.

  • We also competed in Road Races ranging from 16-50 miles, where drafting and in-race nutrition were very important

Racing off road- Gravel races and Cyclocross

  • Many women also tried their first Cyclocross races in 2018- this is a race of multiple laps on a closed course, riding over grass, trails, and other mixed surfaces.

  • Gravel races were also a big part of the season, with races that ranged from 16 miles to the epic Michigan Coast to Coast 200 mile ride.

Getting on the podium

  • Our team had goals at every race we went to- sometimes just finishing, sometimes hanging onto a pack, and sometimes winning!

  • Fitness + bike handling + strategy was our route to race successes!

  • We finished the 2018 season with individual winners of the Category 5 and Category 4 criterium at the Michigan State Championships!

Photos courtesy of Bob Bruce Photography, Fred Feng, Cycle Werks, and Ann Arbor Velo Club