Racing with the junior development team

Our juniors race according to interest and ability. Riders, parents, and coach make a joint decision about what races fit for the junior racers. The following are examples of the kind of racing the juniors do.

Road racing (including criteriums)

From about April until October, most of our racing is on the road. Some of the racing is on closed, short circuits where we do many laps; these are called criterium races or crits. Other road races are a long loop on open roads, around 15-20 miles. Finally, we sometimes race time trials: the racer rides one or several long loops op open roads individually, and the time is compared to the other racers’.

An active junior racer can be expected to race seven or eight criteriums in a single season, two or three time trials, and two or three true road races. All these races are within a few hours’ drive of Ann Arbor, in Michigan or Ohio.

Cyclocross racing

After road racing season, from October through November, we dedicate all our racing efforts to racing in the mud: that is cyclocross. This type of racing is done on a closed course, about 1.5 miles in length. Most courses feature grass, sand, mud, hills, steps, and other barriers. Racers ride for 30 or 40 minutes. Critical for cyclocross is being able to dismount, carry your bike, and remount quickly. We practice these skills all year.

An active junior racer can be expected to race seven or eight cyclocross races in a single season.