Collection for Michael Kines

Update from Harvey, 7/31/14: Many people heard that Mike was involved in an accident on July 16 while racing at Waterford. He's has been at the University of Michigan Hospital the last couple of weeks and has been lucky enough to avoid needing any surgery. He is now recovering well. Kyle Schroeder and I have been collecting donations for a get-well fund. If you would like to contribute you can give to either of us in-person or use the PayPal donation button below. We look forward to seeing Mike healed up and back on the bike soon!

Update from Harvey, 9/01/14: Mike has been progressing well in rehab and is already back at the University.  When I saw him at the office in mid-August you would hardly know he was in an accident.  As far as biking goes, the doctors are prohibiting him from going out for another 3 or 4 months to avoid reinjury.  Still, he’s looking to re-enter biking and racing for the 2015 season. He’s got an indoor trainer and already looking forward to hours of suffering this Winter. Through the club, we were able to raise $550 in donations to help him get back in the game. I want to send a big thanks out to everyone that pitched in!  Seeing all those donations really made me proud to be part of this club!