Dirty Kanza Race Report

Mark McCulloch recently finished the Dirty Kanza race. It's epic ... here's Mark's story.

One year ago I made a commitment to ride Dirty Kanza (DK). DK is a solo, self- supported, non-stop, 200-mile-plus long bicycling endurance challenge. The course follows the gravel and dirt roads of the Flint Hills region in east-central Kansas. I learned about DK through my friend Gus. He posted on Facebook in early 2013 that he entered a race called DK in Kansas and was excited about the event. I immediately made fun of him. “Why the hell are you going to Kansas to ride your bike? There isn’t squat in Kansas. You are stupid, not only to ride 200 miles, but to drive 850 miles to do it.” My ignorance and mockery would soon change to jealousy and envy.

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