Trainer Rides Start Today!

Wheels in Motion has generously provided space in their shop for trainer rides. Here's the skinny...

Mondays 8:30p-10:30p
Wednesdays 8:30p-10:30
Fridays 5:00p-7:00p
These will continue every week until further notice—usually about the time it's nice enough to ride outside. Check the calendar for a full listing.

Wheels In Motion Bike Shop
3400 Washtenaw Ave
Ann Arbor, MI 48103

What to Bring:
Your bike
Your trainer and/or rollers
A towel or yoga mat to soak your sweat up off the floor
A cadence and/or heart rate sensor if you've got one

A big thank you to DeWight and Travis Plotner at Wheels In Motion for making this happen!