Ann Arbor Spring Training Series Week 1 Races

It's clear that Michigan bicycle racing is off to a strong start for the 2012 season.  While the weather was nicer than usual in April, it certainly wasn't sunny and warm for the week 1 races.  Overnight rains left a morning mist with early temperatures hovering in the 40's.

Even with less than 'ideal' weather, there were large fields of racers all day long. The 40 degree temperatures seemed ample for the riders, and the sun did finally shine through.

The C race had over 50 racers, the largest in memory for series founder, Paul Alman. The other fields were all pretty big, too, with about 50 riders in each of the B and A fields. Ten women started in the women's only event, one of the largest starting groups for women's racing at the Spring Training Series in years.

Whether you'd like to learn about racing by getting involved or you'd like to come and watch some exciting race action, don't miss our upcoming races. Registration opens at 7:30am and free coaching begins at 8:15am to introduce new riders to paceline riding and racing.  Come on out, you'll be glad that you did.

Results for week 1 are now posted.

And just to whet your appetite, take a look at the action in the "B Race."