Poll: Trainer Ride Schedule

We are trying to schedule trainer nights for the rest of the winter. These will be 1-2 hour indoor trainer workouts at AAVC sponsor Great Lakes Cycling and Fitness on Stadium in Ann Arbor. Traditionally we have planned these workouts to coincide with our weekly in-season rides (Tues/Thurs) but we know that people may have different schedules in the winter.

We want to know when you would be most likely to join us for trainer workouts beginning in January. The dates provided in the poll are only for the first week but we hope to use your feedback to set the schedule for the rest of the winter. We hope to add a weekend workout as well, so if you can join us on the weekend select whether Saturday or Sunday works best for you.

Please follow this link to let us know which days would work best for you: http://doodle.com/eymigf4smaxqr3q2

Happy New Year!!